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Monday, 29 October 2007

A new beginning.

I am hoping with the coming in of the New month to mnaek a luckier time for Jem Invest and a new beginning with a brighter future. I am hoping to update all accounts this week and send out a list of names ..usernames for the people that joined the 50 bucks club too, so they know and I remember who is where and what is what lol.
I am hoping to secure one more investments by tomorrow but that all depends on funds coming in and out from the various pools of income. Otherwise we have to be content with that we have been a ble to accomplish this month and then just sit back for a couple of weeks to assess the situeation and think about how we can further the Jem Invest growth sector.
I am very pleased with all my Jemmies Support and want to say again thank you for persevering with me through my slightly difficult times.,
God bless and looking forward to a new month of good things,

Friday, 17 August 2007




I have been busy with many things and glad to have internet again which means I can focus on adding more things to getting beby Jemmy up and running with more features..
I will be sending a memo out to let you know of what we are working on in general and for the Berry Tree members who have a coop with baby Jemmy.

Hope you have a great weekend,
Now for me , back to work with my great new Business Buddy Dale!

Friday, 10 August 2007

accounta paid today..

All payments have been executed, non compounding until the w/e 10/08/07..please check and whoever I might have left out please notify me..doing every thing manually is a bit mind boggling lol.
have a great weekend!

ROI set at 2.5% again..

Friday, 13 July 2007

weekly roi for w/e 13/07/07 executed just now..

All payments non compounding have been paid to the relative accounts..
Roi set at 2.5%
Please check if correct..if amount is less contact me..if you received more don't bother me lol.
If anyone that was meant to be paid and I forgot them remind me..if any one I paid but was meant to compound again remind me!
Hugs from a very fried brain..
Many exciting things in store for baby Jemmy but cannot disclose yet..Will make exciting announcement in the next few weeks..Memo will be sent to investors about regular Jemmy news and updates..sometime before Monday next week..Will keep you posted..
Have a great weekend..

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Weekly payment and news..

Sorry for the late posts..
Firstly welcome to our new members Minilover, Brendakaya and Curly and also a big thank you to my good friend Wolfie who has re invested..
Our band of friends is growing daily and I am proud to have you in my little corner!

Jem roi for w/e 06/07/07 was again set at 2.55 sorry for the one day delay..I got side tracked lol!!
Anyway you all know of our special offer this month..Invest more than twenty bucks you get an extra fiver thrown into your account for free!!
Also you must remember we are running a 5% commission for introducing friends and family to Baby Jemmy..
May she puke more and more every week lol..

Will be sending out an update on Berry Tree and Revolving Travel/Club Freedom news..
You may also visit Dale and Ellie's other business blog at:

Have a great and fruitful week..

Thursday, 28 June 2007

This week's payments for w/e 29/06/07

WEEKLY ROI IS SET AT YES YOU GUESSED IT 2.5% and all accounts are up to date..monthly compounds and weekly investments have all been paid with a few pennies extra..

I hope you like baby jemmy coz she is really doing her best to puke out regularly lol..

Laughing Laughing
Any bodge ups or happy payeees please post in my humble little thread if you got jemmy gets lonely sometimes lol.. Laughing

Friday, 22 June 2007

Week ending 22/06/07 Paid..

Hello Everyone!
Payments for w/e 22/06/07 have been executed..We are back online, thank Goodness because I have never missed a payment!!

Anyway compounding monthly accounts will be paid next week..w/e 29/06/07
I will be doing them last week in every month to make things easier for myself.

You might see a pleasant surprise too, every jem invest member..

Take care have a great weekend!!